The Russian American Colony Singers (RACS) is a non-profit 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) organization of singers headquartered in south central Alaska, primarily Anchorage, that rehearses and performs choral literature with a unique emphasis on Russian music in various idioms, folk, classical, and religious.

Half or more of the singers are of Russian background with training in various aspects of vocal music. This repertoire is unique in American choral life, since many conductors do
not have the skill and interest to take on music performed in Russian or other languages in the Russian language family.

As a result there is a wide variety and rich tradition of vocal music in the Russian genre that is not available to American audiences. Alaska, with its history as a Russian colony from 1741 to 1867, is in a unique position to host and nurture the Russian singing group with ability to perform this body of literature.

With the modern wave of Russian immigrants into Alaska, there are many of whom are uniquely qualified to present Russian music in the tradition and style in which it was conceived and performed. Your interest in and support of this group, whether financially or as concert patrons, is most appreciated.

All donations to the “Russian American Colony Singers” are tax deductible. Receipts will be provided.

There are three ways how you can donate to RACS:

1. Become RACS GENERAL MEMBER . Yor photo and information about you will be posted at this website at the page RACS MEMBERS . To become RACS member, please visit the page MEMBERSHIP , choose the level of your RACS membership and follow the guidelines how to contact RACS and pay the dues.

2. Take part in our fundraising activity, called RUSSIAN DINNER . We shall entertain you with an impromptu program of all time favorites! A minimum donation of $50 per person will be greatly appreciated. Proceeds will be used to maintain and improve our programs for you. You can make your reservation now by calling RACS Founder Meg Girard: (907) 694-9602 (h.) or 441-3601 (cell.)

3. Please donate today! All donations to RACS - the “Russian American Colony Singers” are tax deductible. Receipts will be provided. To donate by credit card, please click Donate button at the left. To make your donation by check, please send your check to RACS Director Zlata Lund or RACS Founder Meg Girard at the address shown at this page . If you are donating from the company, the logo of your business will be placed at the page SPONSORS upon your request.

                                       Thank You!

Русский Хор на Аляске


RACS Address: P. O. Box 770787,
Eagle River, Alaska 99577, U.S.A.