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Pavel Sharomov,

Zlata Lund,
RACS Art Director

Meg Girard,
RACS President

Русский Хор на Аляске

Echoes of World War II - A Tribute To Veterans

"Echoes of World War II" is a program by the Russian American Colony Singers and produced  in association  with the Alaska Veterans Memorial Museum.

The program is music from the years of World War II and is familiar to the members of "the Greatest Generation" and their families.

The music is prefaced by narration and audio-visual effects to introduce and set the stage for each musical number.

The program also features Russian dances by "Sudarushka" and solos by Wade Hampton-Miller.

This program is dedicated to military veterans, many of whom are our honored guests.

Wade Miller

Ensemble Sudarushka (Zoom)