Liana Keller performing
Russian folk dance.

RACS singing members after performance.

Guests at Chilkoot Charlie's Russian Room during RACS performance.


At Chilkoot Charlie's, Russian Room & Museum.

Russian guest A.Mitchenkova in the Russian Museum at Chilkoot Charlie's

Russian Museum at Chilkoot Charlie's in Anchorage, Alaska has the unique collection of Russian posters, photos, documents, medals, and artifacts.

Photos by Fyodor Soloview

Myron Rosenberg (center), the famous Alaskan photographer, brough his framed photo of St. Basil cathedral in Moscow to the RACS auction.

On the left - RACS guest Nataliya Kostareva, owner of 
Natasha's Hair Removal from Anchorage.

RACS guests Zoya and Vladimir Bolotov, owners of Coffee Land , an Alaskan cafeteria on Spenard.

Chilkoot's staff on duty.

An evening of Classical Russian Culture, Food, Music and auction featuring the Russian American Colony Singers.

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Photos by Fyodor Soloview