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Русский Хор на Аляске


This is something for those who don't know poetry. This is something for those who don't like or love poetry. This is for Pushkin lovers and the uninitiated alike. This is something for everyone.

There also will be an exposition of children's drawings on Pushkin's fairy tales.

Come One! Come All! Invite your friends!

The Russian American Colony Singers invite you to Anchorage Museum of History and Art to hear the presentation of Julian Henry Lowenfeld, the author of the book "My Talisman". Mr. Lowenfeld will tell the story about Alexander Pushkin, (1799-1837) Russia's most beloved poet and writer, whose works can be described as the fountainhead of all Russian literature.

Westerners are somewhat familiar with those works by Pushkin which were set to music by Tchaikovsky - the verse novel Eugene Onegin, and the brilliant short story The Queen of Spades. Lowenfeld's book My Talisman, (The Lyric Poetry of Alexander Pushkin) is the only bilingual edition of Pushkin's poetry in existence.

The book signing will be available. This book will be available for purchase.

A sponsors' dinner with Julian Lowenfeld will be held on Saturday, March 27th.

For reservations and information please call Zlata Lund 907-230-0280.

WHERE: Anchorage Museum of History and Art.

WHEN: Friday, March 26th, 2010, at 7 p.m.

ADMISSION: Suggested donation $10 at the door.


This presentation will also take place:

- In Homer on Monday March 22nd at the Homer Library at 6:30 PM.
For question please contact Yulia Kern.

- In Fairbanks on Monday, March 29th at 5 PM at the UAF Department of
Foreign Languages and Literatures
For questions please contact Alla Grikurova.


Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) is universally revered by Russians as their most beloved and greatest literary genius. In critic Apollon Grigoriev's famous phrase, "Pushkin is our all"-- the very lodestar of the Russian culture, the creator of the Russian literary language. Gogol, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov, and Nabokov, (the Russian literary geniuses best known in the West) all utterly revered Pushkin
and acknowledged themselves Pushkin's heirs and literary debtors.

To grasp Pushkin one must hear his musicality. His genius in its sublimity is frequently and properly compared to Mozart's: miraculous, prodigious feats of creativity, wrought with seemingly effortless, seamless grace, evocative power, warmth, wit, passion, sheer musicality, inventive rhythmic swing, and rhyming playfulness -- and all imbued with a certain divine purity, a wisdom born of innocence, a childlike, direct, sweet, natural, vigorous, limpid, language -- often,
alas, all the more mysteriously difficult to translate for its simplicity and clarity.


Julian Lowenfeld was blessed as a child to have great poetry read aloud to him. Reverence for Russian literature runs deep in his family: his great-grandfather, Raphael Lowenfeld, was the Russian correspondent for the newspaper Berliner Tagesblatt, the first translator of Leo Tolstoy's works into German, and the author of a literary interview-biography of Tolstoy called Gespr che ber und mit Tolstoj. He also founded Berlin's celebrated Schiller Theater.

Lowenfeld's great-grandson Julian began studying Russian literature at Harvard University about 100 years later, and continued as an exchange student at Leningrad State University, before graduating from New York University School of Law and becoming a practicing trial lawyer in New York City, specializing in copyright law and immigration. Later he continued studying Russian literature independently with the renowned Pushkin scholar Nadyezhda Braginskaya.


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Julian Henry Lowenfeld