Joint performance with Sharomov vocal ensemble. May 11th, 2004  at St. Patrick's Church. 

Joint performance with Sharomov vocal ensemble.
May 8th, 2004 at Loussak Library.  

Zlata Lund conducting the performance. 2004. 

Aria from Fiddler on the Roof

Anna Bondarenko and Anatoli Boiko.

Vladimir Pouzanov

All photos by
Fyodor Soloview

RACS after performance at University of Anchorage, Alaska . 2003. 


Andrew Zartmann

Aria from Fiddler on the Roof.

First RACS concert in 2001

Natalia Girard and Zlata Lund.

Rehearsal before the performance. Conductor - Zlata Lund.

Russian Matryoshka,
designed by Nadya Gilmore,
Owner of Just Imagine Graphics, Anchorage design company.

Natalia Girard, Anatoli Boiko and Anna Bondarenko.


Fyodor Soloview at home in Anchorage, Alaska after February 2002 snow storm

All photos by
Fyodor Soloview .
(907) 563-9999

2004 performance.

Pavel Sharomov - conductor at joint performance of RACS and Sharomov Ensemble. January 2005.

Concert is over... RACS and Sharomov Ensemble singers. 2004.

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